Insulated Bulk Heads

ITW Insulated Bulkheads

ITW Insulated Products Insulated Bulk Heads

ITW Insulated Products Division has been in operation since the late 1970’s. Continuous research and development ensures our customers that as their needs change, so will our refrigerated transportation solutions.

The ITW Insulated Products allow you to separate temperature sensitive items creating a multi temp solution for your frozen, refrigerated and dry products. Insulated Bulkheads allow separation when hauling a short load so you can maintain the temperature in the area of the product only and not cool the complete length of the trailer saving fuel.

Insulated Bulkheads from ITW Insulated Products
Thermal Pallet Cover and Blankets

ITW Insulated Products Even Temp™ PALLET COVERS AND BLANKETS are durable, lightweight insulated covers designed to protect temperature sensitive food items during transit.

FG Insulated Bulkheads

FG Insulated Bulkheads

It’s no coincidence that FG Products is one of the leading manufacturer of bulkheads and other innovative products for the refrigerated transportation industry. After all, they started the two-temperature food distribution industry when they invented (1962) and patented the first multi-temp insulated bulkhead in 1967.

Since that time, FG Products has been saving America’s distributor time and trouble helping them improve their productivity and profits. Today, FG Products remains the family-owned, value-driven innovators that set the standard.

Insulated Bulkheads from FG Products

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